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  • MATT Mini-Lathe with gauge

MATT Mini-Lathe with gauge

  • 8002082
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  • £239.90 per unit  exc.VAT

MATT Mini-Lathe with gauge.

The Matt Mini-Lathe is a versatile hand-held tool, designed to turn rods of carving wax into bands, bezels, special settings, coin holders, chess pieces, etc.

The lathe is made to be powered by a flex shaft with a 1" (25mm) diameter hand piece such as a #30 hand piece. The Mini-Lathe is also available with a 30mm bracket. 

The kit includes the Matt Mini-Lathe, precision gauge, three wax-holding collets, one cutting tool installed in the lathe, two extra cutting tool blanks for custom shaping, a set of three hand tool blades (each with pre-shaped ends for getting started on the projects, three rods of wax, and a 32-page instruction booklet featuring step-by-step projects.


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