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MATT Wax Slices

MATT Wax Slices

MATT Carving Waxes are formulated to the demanding specifications of professional wax carvers. They are compounded with special care to avoid contamination, pitting, or air bubbles, and they are accurately shaped to minimize preparation time. These Waxes are available in tubes, bars, slices, tablets, bracelets blanks and pellets. MATT Carving Waxes are hard carving waxes and they are available in three degrees of flexibility:

GREEN Rigid; cuts clean and crisp, excellent for detailed carving or milling. Melting temperature: 230 Degrees Farenheit, 110 Degrees Celsius; 

PURPLE All-Purpose; easy to work with, good for chip carving. Melting temperature: 225 Degrees Farenheit, 104.4 Degrees Celsius;

BLUE Bendable; suitable for items that needs flexibility. Melting temperature: 225 Degrees Farenheit, 104.4 Degrees Celsius. 

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MATT Wax Slices
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