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Bellore Rashbel manufactures and stocks GOLD FILLED Bullion at the BEST prices as they have a PRICE CHECK policy.

                   At Bellore Rashbel we are working to satisfy our customer needs and always keeping up with the latest trends and stock new select items.

                   If you do have any questions and inquiries about the products, orders and wholesale discounts please contact us by phone 020 404 3220 or by email,   

                   How Gold Filled is made? 12/20 ( or 1/20th 14 Carat ) Gold Filled or Gold Overlay is made by heat and pressure/ bonding a thin layer of gold to a brass core. The 1/20 notation refers to the ratio of the 14 Carat Gold layer to the brass layer. The weight of the Gold is 5% of the total weight. Quality that counts! Carat gold covers the brass surface, making it tarnish resistant. The value of Gold Filled is greater that gold plated because Gold Filled has an actual layer, not just microscopic film, of Carat gold. Gold Filled jewellery is ecomomical and you can enjoy the look of gold at a fraction of the price.

Please be aware that additional charges may be applied for multiple cuts of the same item.

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