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      Bellore Rashbel is a manufacturer and stockist of the widest range of styles of Gallery Strips, Ribbons, Pearl / Beaded and Decorative Wires. Gallery Strips regular stock designs are carried in Silver, but can be made to order in any metal, minimum order quantities are 2 meters or 50gr. Please note, that stock levels vary and not all designs are in stock all the time. However we will do our best and will try to complete your order as soon as possible.

      We are always keeping up with the latest trends and stock new select items. We do believe that you will find suitable styles for your designs. 

      If you do have any questions and inquiries about the Gallery Strips or Decorative Wires orders and wholesale discounts please contact us by phone 020 404 3220 or by email,

Please be aware that additional charges may be applied for multiple cuts of the same item.

  • the BeadSmith
  • PMC
  • Grobet USA
  • Devcon
  • Wheatsheaf
  • Beadalon Artistic Copper Wire
  • 3M
  • NAJ
  • RCA
  • ECA
  • ACJ
  • FLUX Jewellery School
  • British Academy of Jewellery
  • UAL
  • GOJD
  • BCU
  • London Jewellery School
  • UCA
  • The Goldsmiths' Company