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File Brushes & Reamers

File Brushes & Reamers
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5-Row Brass Brush, Made in Germany
£8.49 per item
5-Row Brass Brush, Made in Germany.  Hand Held 25cm long overall Brass c..
5-Row Brass Brush, Made in Italy
£9.50 per item
5-Row Brass Brush, Made in Italy, dense, 22cm long everall.  ..
Replacement Head for Electric Bead Reamer (8004307) Small File Brushes & Reamers
£1.50 per pc
Replacement head for electric bead reamer (8004307) - Small. Approximate length of replacemen..
Set of Bead Reamers with shanks File Brushes & Reamers
£12.80 per set
Bead reamers, for enlarging the inside diameter of semi-precious, glass and metal beads. Gent..
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